Visual Shop Solutions

The following is a list of our standard solutions and services and we hope this will help you with everything you need to have a useful online property. Whether it is a hobby or business website or even a full eCommerce shop site we have the solution for you. Please note that we are a Google Cloud specialist and only support Google hosting for both websites and email. We do work on other cloud solutions such as Microsoft but can not offer the level of support we can with Google.

Website Creation and Development

All of our websites are developed using the power of WordPress, and our eCommerce shop website leverages the WooCommerce engine to offer a powerful and manageable solution. The following is a guide for our most popular website development packages; however, if you have a specific need, such as a brand-heavy website, then please contact us. Please note that images and videos not supplied or created by Visual Shop will have a one-time cost for the asset license. All websites are complete with WordPress, Porto WP Theme, Cloudflare, Wordfence, and Google reCAPTCHA. 

Website Support

Just like most things in life, your website needs constant maintenance. From the core platform to the website security, it will need monitoring and monthly updates. Your Theme and plugins will also need updating together with your security against malware and attacks. Leveraging Cloudflare and WordFence we can monitor and make the necessary changes and updates to keep your website safe. We also now include all of your backups in our support fee for complete peace of mind. Please note this support service is designed to keep your site running without issues and for you to have 24/7 support with us. It does not include any content changes to your website. 

Website Management

Website management from Visual Shop is a one-stop shop designed to keep your website up to date with everything you need. From creating new pages to listing new products, let us manage your website and let you do what you do best and run your business. Please note that our website management solutions also include all of the website support services listed above. 

Digital Marketing

There are many different forms of digital marketing, and we have listed the most popular and successful options below. The following solutions also add to your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as they create powerful backlinks to your website. However, if your website is not SEO-optimised, then these backlinks may have very little effect. Having said that, they will, without doubt, create traffic to your website and increase your brand online.

SEO / Search Engine Optimisation

Over the past few years and with help from pushy SEO companies, SEO now has a bad name. However, it is still the best form of marketing for your website. Getting on the first page for your keywords is good, but achieving the top 3 of organic searches (the ones under the paid-for ads) is the best place to be seen and generate large traffic and, ultimately, sales.

Other Stand Alone Services

Here is a short list of other stand-alone services. Please note that some of these services may be included with website builds and/or monthly support and managed packages. However, if not, here is a breakdown of costs. We have not added any hosting costs for any of our services. Normally, hosting is included with support or managed plans, but if not, it will be invoiced at the standard cost incurred with Google, and no additional charge will be added. 

Bespoke Services

We are happy to look at any digital work not listed as bespoke work under quotation. An example of work is connecting Epos shop systems to the website for synchronizing stock, sales, and gift vouchers. So, if you have something for us to look at, please contact us.

Revenue and Profit Share

Great for start-ups or anyone looking for a digital partner without employing staff or having large monthly costs with a website design agency and SEO marketing company. It sounds too good to be true, but with a revenue or profit share agreement with Visual Shop, you only pay a percentage of sales achieved online through the shop platform. 

Revenue Share / Profit Share Options

If you are a start-up or need a digital partner without the large monthly costs, then a revenue share may be for you. At Visual Shop, we have a long history of success with many different partners. Our revenue share or profit share agreements take the stress away from you, the business owner; we manage the website, product listings, and all SEO and marketing. We only make money when you make money, so we work hard to make every revenue share or profit share a success! Please note that this option is only available to online shops, and we do not take revenue from any sales not processed online. For more information about revenue and profit share agreements, please contact us.